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Here's the top 10 most rooted Samsung Galaxy Phones.
If you are not seeing your phone below, check it in the drop down Samsung Galaxy Version list.

  • Samsung Galaxy S2
  • Samsung Galaxy S Blaze
  • Samsung Galaxy S
  • Samsung Galaxy S Plus
  • Samsung Galaxy Note
  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus
  • Samsung Galaxy S2
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2
  • Samsung Galaxy S3


Get a new ROM! The custom ROMs provide new looks, features and enhancements for your Samsung device.

Get free access to new apps! With a rooted Samsung phone you get access lots of free and paid for applications, which can boost the performance and utility of your device. You will be able to install apps that are only compatible with rooted phones.

Improve you battery life! A lot of custom ROMs will improve your battery life via the removal of bloatware and unnecessary applications that hinder performance.

Get WiFi & Bluetooth tethering! After having rooted your device, you can also use WiFi or Bluetooth tethering to share your mobile data connection with your laptop, PC, or other devices. The application deals with ad hoc connections and will get your laptop running online in no time. Tethering can also be carried out over a Bluetooth connection.

Protect your device! Smartphones and tablets are expensive and also a place to keep private information. avast! Mobile Security and Cerberus anti-theft are apps available on Google Play that work best with rooted phones to protect the data.

Remove bloatware! You can remove unnecessary apps from your Samsung device. Carriers by default include branded software on the operating system that is irremovable. Rooting gives users full access to installed software. That's how you can remove carrier software.

Make backups! A backup can save users the headache of starting from scratch after something goes wrong. It requires root because the folder where the apps are installed is provided through elevated privileges. Titanium Backup PRO Key is a rooting app that backs up and restores all of your apps and settings.

Configure restricted settings! Some rooting apps can customize your display design or color according to your needs.

Improve your speed! You can speed up your Samsung device by relocating your phone’s cache, hence allowing you to save phone memory and have a faster phone. Some rooting apps allow you to overclock your device to make it go as fast as you want.

Alter system files! Customize your default apps by having access to Android core. Add new themes, edit the core apps (Maps, Calendar, Clock, Alarm, etc.), change the recovery and boot images, add Linux binaries, and many more.

Install apps to your SD card! You get free internal storage. On a standard Android device you can install applications only in the phone’s internal memory and not into the SD card. The fact that most Android devices do not come with massive internal storage and, hence, greatly limit the number of apps that can be installed at a time. Apps2SD for rooted phones will copy all your applications to an SD card and will also store future builds into this card.

Save money on the internet! By using rooting’s WiFi connection feature, you can save on your internet connection spending starting from 30$/month.

Take screenshots of your phone! There is an app available on Google Play for this option - Screenshot.

Restrict apps access to network! DroidWall rooting app allows you to restrict which apps can access the network.

Recover accidentally deleted files! Hexamob Recovery Pro is the appropriate app for this.

Change keyboard orientation! Keyboard Manager allows you to customize what keyboard appears based on your phone orientation.

Access your Android device over WiFi as a Windows shared folder! With Samba filesharing server for Android, your Android device becomes visible to other Windows (& SMB compatible) computers on your network.


What is rooting?
Rooting means you get root access to your Samsung Android device, so you get enhanced privileges allowing you to run apps like Wireless Tether, Titanium BackUp or SetCPU. You can root either by installing the Superuser app, or by flashing, which simply means „installing”, a custom ROM with the root access included.

What is Android?
Google’s open-source mobile operating system used on Samsung smartphones.

What is ROM?
A ROM is a modified version of Android OS once it becomes rooted. It provides new features, new look, and many more options than a standard OS.

What is bootloader?
Bootloader is the lowest level of software on an Android device. It runs all the necessary code in order to start the OS. It helps flashing the custom ROM on your Samsung phone as well.

What does flashing means?
Flashing essentially means installing something on your device, whether it be a ROM, a kernel, or something else that comes as a zip file.

Why should I root my Samsung phone?
The main reason why people root their Samsung phones is to get full freedom and control over the device, so it can be tweaked to suit the user.

Which Samsung models are supported by your solution?
Our product supports all Samsung Galaxy phones listed in the drop down Samsung Galaxy Version list above.

Do I need any technical skills using your solution?
Even if you’ve never done this before, it’s quite a simple operation. Our solution is extremely easy to handle. Along with the appropriate software, we’ll provide you with a clear step by step tutorial with detailed images guiding you through the whole Android rooting process.

Can rooting brick my phone?
No! If you use the needed software for your phone and follow exactly our step by step tutorial, there is no risk of bricking your phone. Bricking happens if you do something wrong while rooting. If you miss out any step or flash (install) a corrupt zip file, you might end up with a bricked phone.That’s why we provide clear and trusted tutorials that avoid this problem.

Is it rooting legal?
Yes, it is 100% legal to root your Android device.

Can rooting void my phone’s warranty?
Usually after purchasing the device, the customer has a 2 year statutory warranty that covers all the hardware damages. However, you can lose warranty by rooting, in case the phone reseller stipulated this condition in the purchasing contract. Generally the rooting process is reversible so you can unroot your device and restore the factory settings.

Is rooting reversible?
The rooting process does not make a radical change to your device and is entirely reversible. If you are either not satisfied with the rooting benefits or you wish to restore your phone to its previous settings, you can carry out a factory reset.

Can I get the latest android OS version after rooting my Samsung phone?
Many carriers are holding back the updates to the latest Android OS. If you are not willing to wait, rooting will give you the option to install any current and future OS version by flashing custom ROMs.

Where can I get free apps and custom ROMs for my rooted Samsung phone?
There are free apps available for all Android rooted devices from trusted sources in the official Google Play store.


"I was wondering why my battery performance was going down… Android rooting gave me the possibility to remove bloatware and set new parameters for lightening and core usage. I know it’s incredible, but now my battery performance is doubled." Rosanna – Edinburgh, UK

"I am not a big fan of Android, but rooting gave me plenty of choices on Android Play marketplace… I’ve installed Dual Mount SD Widget, LEDs Hack, Titanium Backup and other apps that improved my OS performance and the security issues. It’s even better than a jailbroken iPhone!"Antonio – California, USA

"All my friends have jailbroken iPhones and use a lot of apps… I was the only one with Samsung on Android OS… They didn’t know, as well as me, about rooting. Now they all know, because my Galaxy is over customized. I was even offered to switch my Galaxy S3 with an iPhone. Oh… really?"Pixy – Boston, USA

"I just purchased this rooting software for my Galaxy SGN GT-N7000 and I have to admit that I was very surprised at how easy it was to follow their tutorial. I gained access to root files and I could customize all the apps and also remove those ones that really bothered me."Fred – Liege, Belgium